Error extracting all data utilizing data scraping from web app to excel file


I am currently working on an automation that pulls data from a web application and extracts to an excel file. The web application has multiple pages and does not have a next page button. In order to get to the next you must click the page number on the bottom. I was able to create a loop to allow the bot to go through all the pages however, now when I review the data it has pulled, I noticed it only pulls data from two pages and it overwrites the data it previously pulled. So the only the most recent pages it went through are pulled. I attached screenshots of the workflow. I would appreciate any help.

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UiPath Workflow 4
UiPath Workflow 5


your excel is being overwrite with the new data? if yes please change your write range activity for append range activity


Yes it seems like it will write out only two pages of data and as the bot continues, it will overwrite the data with the most recent two pages it has gone through. I tried replacing the write cell with an append range and now it is not exporting any data to the excel sheet. I am also newer to using Studio so please any extra detail would help. This is what I replaced the write cell range with below.
UiPath Workflow 6


please use this

enable classic activities and use the workbook append range activity, pass the file, the sheet and your extracted dt


It worked! thank you for the help. I will mark it as a solution. I just have one last question. How can i end the loop once it gets to the last page?

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if you know which is the last page just, put an if activity and inside the break activity


I will try that out. Thanks again for the help!

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