Error exist or skip when reading browser pop out message

Hi Community,

I would like to download the invoices from the browser. However, before i able to download it, i need to click “reverse” button and need to wait for about one to two minutes.

About one to 2 minutes later(vary and depending on the size of invoice), it will pop out the message as screenshot below.

I would need to click " Ok " before able to download it. My current problem is the bot able to detect for the first invoice only. Second invoice and subsequent to that, bot will give me error when reading the pop out message. For the “click activity”, i have set the time out as below:

And the Ui Element property as below( i have try for other invoices and it is same element for other invoices)


May i know how to fix the error so that bot able to detect the pop out message “ok” and click it accordingly? The time taken for the pop out message to appear vary from one another invoices.(range from one to 2 minutes).

Many thanks in advance.

Try the clicking of OK button with click image activity

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Hi @hasib08 ,

It works and many thanks for the advice.

May i know why click activity does not work in this case?

Chrome popup sometimes will give error in click activity so to make it stable we can use click image activity.

Mark it as solution.

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