Error "Error invoking remote method 'output:export': Multi error"

Hi all.

We created a costumized template of PDD (“.docx”) folowing the the rules and placeholders stated bu UiPath.

The new template was sucessfully imported to TaskCapture with no message errors.

But When We try to export our process model to this template of PDD, the TaskCapture is returning the error mentioned in this topic.
PDD has not been not created.

It was tested in Windows 10 using taskCaptute version 21.10.1 and also in version 22.0.4

Regards, Marco

Hello @marco.mafra ,

Please refer to the below troubleshooting method.

Hi Rahul !

I followed the steps mentioned in the “Troubleshooting Guide” but ,the situation persisted.

Rgds, M

People !

The mentioned error was solved.

I found a missing a “}” that was separeted from the tag in a different cell oy my table.
After it was fixed to close the tag, the template worked fine.

So, whenever this error occurs, take a moment to review carrefully the tags you included in the template.

Rgds, M