Error during uploading package in orchestrator

Hi All,

I am facing below error, kindly suggest how to resolve.

Project type has changed since the latest published version (was Undefined, now is Process). Revert the project type or publish a new project. (#2007)


Thanking you in advance.

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hi @nagarjuna.n ,
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Just publish the same package with all information details, then it will create a new version , then you can enable it.
go to your package, go to versions ==> then check if you had any previous version (may work) you can enable it, or just delete your issue package (to do it check Orchestrator if they have the Inactive status. A package has this status only if it is not deployed to a process.)

Hi Maneesha,

Thank you for your inputs.
Even though i deleted process and try to upload it throughs the same error. Finally by changing the name of the project and try to upload the package then its works.


This works fine to me too.

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