Error During Orchestrator login

Hey Everyone I am facing error with Uipath Orchestrator Website. The orchestrator website is not working well and the login cannot be done using Google or Microsoft account. The login tab itself is disabled or something. I cannot figure out what the problem is. kindly make suggestions if anyone faced similar problems.

The tabs to login through the Google or Microsoft are unresponsive. I discussed the same with IT department they are not able to indetify the problem.

Are you using chrome to login? @Aditya_Bhalerao

Yes I am using CHrome

What is the error?

Try using the credentials which you have at the time of creating the orchestrator account :slight_smile:

@HareeshMR you see when I fill in the details the submit button is also non responsive

Did any face the same issues, I dont know if these issues are common at all /

I’m able to login to the orchestrator @Aditya_Bhalerao,

Please try clearing all the cookies and cache again

Kindly try once with INTERNET EXPLORER
it’s working fine buddy
cheers @Aditya_Bhalerao

Tried the same with IE and Mozillla Firefox, but no success.

Can you please help me identify the problem.

Post the screenshot of the error you are getting @Aditya_Bhalerao

Well there is no error as such, it just that all the tabs you see in the image are non responsive.

Now it works well on other PCs but some of the PCs are facing trouble despite being on the same network. Do you think its a System specific error or something else ?