Error during installation StudioX - No access to any Orchestrator tenant

Hi All, I’m trying to install the free trial version of the community cloud version of StudioX. I followed the directions from the online course (RPA starter). I successfully registered to the UIpath Automation Cloud. From there I have downloaded the StudioX and subsequently trying to install StudioX. However when executing the installation signing in I do get the following error in the ‘sign in’ page:

I would really appreciate any support available to help me out as I was not able to find any reference to solve this issue and are currently stuck…

Thanks in advance!


You should click on Use Machine Key from the above screenshot- It opens up another window to provide Orchestrator URL.Click on the Use License Key button at the bottom where you can see Use Community edition - Click on it - It’ll give you options out there to select

Hello ,

This is strange :slight_smile: But can you please provide some more details ( I mean a picture ) of your orchestrator services , because from the picture that you have posted I see that you have no orchestrator services

Here is a pick of mine

The idea is that it’s not enough to have a cloud instance you also need an orchestrator service enabled for that cloud instance.


Hi All, thanks for your help! I have followed both your advice and have been able to successfully install and connect the StudioX community version!