Error during conneting robot to Orchestrator Enterprise edition

Hi. I have a orchestrator 18.3.3 (Enterprise edition).
I try to connect a robot to orchestrator.
after add machine and add robot in orchestrator,
in my robot settings, fill in Orchestrator URL, Machine key.
when i click button [connect]
I met the message [An error occurred while sending the request.]

Open Logs, I can’t find log.

where do i check the error log?

work with Orchestrator

  • Register your robot with orchestrator

  • publish a project in UI path Studio

  • Create an environment containing the robot that you need to use

  • Create a process to link newly built created environment

  • Start a job generate the execution of the package

thanks for your answer.
my problem is that i can’t register my robot with orchestrator.
during conneting my robot with orchestrator,
[An error occurred while sending the request] message pops up.

Do you have UI path studio and UI path robot install in your device?
then configure your Orchestrator with the machine name,Orchestrator URL,machine key in UI path robot setting and you can also find error log here e.g. YYYY-MM-DD _Robot.log

@malte what’s your Robot version?

Please check the compatibility matrix in order to see if your Robot can be connected to the 18.3 Orchestrator:

i success to connect with my orchestrator.
the webpage has authentication problem, so i add to a certificate in robot machine.
thank you.


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