Error data scraping with IE


I try to create a process with data scraping. It works when the IE is open but when IE is closed, it doesn’t work and i have an error message.

Can you help me?


Hey @Sam_Taf,

The issue you have is a selector issue. The selector you are using is attached to that IE webpage, so when it is open it will find it. The webpage has to be open for UiPath to find it, so keep it open. Otherwise it will throw the error you are currently facing.

Thank you William for your answer. And is there a solution to have the same process but with IE closed?

Hey @Sam_Taf,

Unfortunately not, IE has to remain open to interact with it.

Even if i change the browser (google chrome…)?


All browsers must remain open to automate on them. It would be the same as doing it as a human, you cannot interact with something if it is not there.

Ok thank you very much for these informations.

And i have another problem. I don’t know if i have to create a new topic but i ask: with the data scraping i have a column of function and another column with salary with the mention "“k€”. For example project manager - 60 k€. I copy these informations in excel file and before i remove the string “k€”. But the column salary have a text format and i can’t change it in number format.

Can you help me for this problem?

Excuze me for my english :wink:


You should make a new topic. But before you do that, try using .Replace, example below:

StringVar = StringVar.Replace("k€","")

Back to the original topic,

Do you mean run the process in the background, with the browser minimised? This is possible, if you use an Open Browser and mark the browser as Hidden in the properties panel and set all clicks to SimulateClick and type intos as SimulateType

My first question was to run the process with the browser closed. It’s impossible. So i will try your solution with the browser minimised.

Thnak you very much William.

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I will create a new topic for my another problem


Give the .Replace solution I mentioned a go, see if that works for you. If not, then make a new post.

StringVar = StringVar.Replace(“k€”,“”)

Ok no problem, il will do that.

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