Error csv

Hi Guys,
I request your help with the following drawback, I have a csv with a column called invoice which filled with values that are stored in a DataTable when the values are in the DataTable they look like this 001234 which is correct but when I write and open them The csv looks like this 1234 which is incorrect I tried to use several ways to write the file but it remains the same, I also tried to change the data type of the column to text but I still do not solve the error you know what I can do for this case.

@cristian_urrego - May I know , are you opening the csv file in excel? If so, could please try to open using Notepad+ and see you are able to see the correct values??

Hi, thanks for your prompt response and if I open it with excel the csv

@cristian_urrego - You didn’t answer my other part of question? Did you open the csv using notepad+? if not, please try to open and see if you are seeing the leading zeros…

I guess, you should be able to able to see the leading zeros in notepad+.

In order to fix this, please follow the steps mentioned here…

If I tried it too but it gave me the same result in note pad and in notes +

I’m going to see what you happen to me, thank you very much for the information +