Error creating Transaction. Duplicate Reference.' ---> UiPath.Core.Exceptions.UniquenessViolationException: An error occurred while updating the entries

How to handle when the error message "Error creating Transaction. Duplicate Reference" is seen ?

This error is related to the adding queue item with duplicate reference. It occurs when a queue is created with a unique reference and trying to add queue items with duplicate references.

Ideally, the exception should not cause any issues and this is the expected behavior to be getting in the below case:

  1. In the Queues page, click Add. The Create Queue window is displayed
  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the queue
  3. (Optionally) In the Description field, add a description for the queue
  4. In the Unique Reference field, select Yes or No, to indicate if you want transaction references to be unique or not.

From step 4, if Unique reference is set to Yes while creating a queue, and in the workflow, a duplicate item is encountered then it would throw the same exceptions. This is a business exception and Ideally should not cause any functional issues with Orchestrator.

Read more on Managing Queues in Orchestrator .

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