Error : Could not find the Asset

Hi All,

I have created workflow to get the asset in older version studio 2022.10 and after it upgraded to 2022.12 version I’m trying to set the asset value. But facing error as shown below.
I’m using community edition.


Please help me with this.
Thanks in advance:-)

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej
Click on plus symbol near asset name field and give the asset name as string and try

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@Vaishnav_Tej In studio check for which folder it is connected.


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it’s showing my Gmail id

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From the dropdown choose shared folder

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same error

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Refresh and check

Thanks .

Can you also help me with how to set the credential?

Credential name means is it asset name?
And Password is not visible right anywhere. So how can I change/rename it ?


@Vaishnav_Tej You can create in orchestrator

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I mean I have already created credential asset. But when I want to update password how can I do that in studio not from orchestrator.?

You can directly update in orchestrator or do it via studio using set credential activity


Credential name is the name of asset that you give in the orchestrator…

Username and password are the fields which you eould update as needed

Hope this helps


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