Error converting value "0A" to type 'System.Double'. Path '[1].Stage'

Hi All,

We have input sheet, which is having a column name is STAGE in that we have multiple values like 0A,1,2A,2B…like.

Bot will read a complete excel sheet in a data table, while coming out of the read excel sheet workflow below error is thrown.

Below error is thrown only if less number of records are available in excel sheet. Error is not encountered if no of records are in the excel sheet.

Error converting value “0A” to type ‘System.Double’. Path ‘[1].Stage’.

Kindly help on this.

Saranya A

Hi @saranya_asokan ,

Are you trying to read the data into a Double type of column in datatable? if so then change to string


The error is very clear. You have a value “0A” that you’re trying to convert to a number (double) which of course won’t work because of the A.