Error Connection between Robot and Orchestrator


We have an problem in the Upath studio, when we try to configurate the Robot to connected to Orchestrator an error msg is displayed that indicate " [ “The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.”

Find below the screenshot.

We need to your support and help please.

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Please checkbelow thread and follow to resolve this issue.

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Hello Lakshman,

we already proceed this instructions without success :frowning:

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As you are using Licensed version, you can contact UIPath support team and they will help you better in this.

Certificate to be available in both the Trusted as well as personal location.


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I try to applied all the instruction to configure the certificate without success, the same error is displayed, always he displays the mesg attached.

Please we need your intervention, if it’s possible to romote access to my machine.

Best regards.

Le jeu. 13 juin 2019 à 18:33, Uipath@UiPath via UiPath Community Forum a écrit :

Please raise a technical support request with UiPath - subject details including all the steps followed & performed till date. This will help us to connect for a remote session immediately.
Also, It’s a best practice to share eventviewer logs from robot machine while creation for immediate assistance.


I contacted the technical support 2 hours before, please find attached the logs file concerned the uipath2019-06-04_Studio.log.html (3.7 KB) 2019-06-10_Studio.log.html (2.8 KB) 2019-06-11_Execution.log.html (2.0 KB) 2019-06-11_Studio.log.html (128.8 KB) 2019-06-12_Studio.log.html (26.1 KB) 2019-06-13_Execution.log.html (29.3 KB) 2019-06-13_Studio.log.html (98.5 KB) 2019-06-14_Execution.log.html (2.4 KB) 2019-06-14_Studio.log.html (621 Bytes) 2019-06-18_Execution.log.html (10.6 KB) 2019-06-18_Studio.log.html (129.7 KB)


any news please !

Hi, i am currently facing the same issues. Is there any solution? Appreciate your help. Thanks.