Error connecting UiPath Studio and Assistant to Orchestrator - "Requested Address is not valid in its context"

Hi all,

I’m having trouble connecting my UiPath studio and assistant to orchestrator (community versions).

I’ve tried “Sign in” method and I get this error: “The requested address is not valid in its context”

Then tried connecting using Client ID and Machine Key but with the same error as well.

Here is the screenshot of the error

I’ve also done reinstalling the app

Anyone else experience this and know the fix? Thanks!

What is the orchestrator URL that you are using? Did you create your account in the UiPath Cloud?

Hey Joel,

Yes I created my account in the UiPath cloud.

As for the URL, I’m using this: “/”

What is weird is that I’m now able to connect UiPath studio and assistant this morning through “sign in” option, just like before.

Not sure if its because of the recent version update or an issue on UiPath side.

At least is working now :slight_smile: