Error connecting to uirobot service



I’ve previously connected the UiRobot to the Orchestrator, but when I restarted my computer today, and opened the programs, it was not syncing up. On my desktop, the UiPath logo was red. When I opened the setting, I was unable to paste the Robot Key and html address from orchestrator (I provided a picture of that below). I read a couple of other similar issues, but they were not exactly the same, because the bot worked for me before and now I cannot even update the fields to connect it.

status error connecting to uirobot service


Have you tried restarting the uiRobotSvc?
You can do that in Task Manager or Services.



Hi Pedro,

If you are using Enterprise version, please restart the Robot service and try again.

If you are using Community Edition, close the tray(from Task Manager, End Task “UiPath Robot”) and reopen it from %localappdata%\UiPath\app-17.1.6522\UiRobot.exe

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Thank you @ClaytonM and @ovi

I tried restarting the uirobot from Task Manager and on my start menu. However, when I reopen it using the uirobot.exe file, it’s still opening with the same problem. So it’s still causing producing the same error without allowing me to connect the robot to the orchestrator.

Also, I don’t see the uirobotsvc file. I am currently using UiPath community edition.



even i am using community edition and i am getting the same error

can someone help me on this?


Am also experiencing the same issue. I am using community version. Can anyone help on this?


am also blocked with the same issue. any updates ?