ERROR: Column "Account Name" does not belong to the underlying table "

Facing this error while trying to run the program.

Column “Account Name” does not belong to the underlying table ".

Can anyone help me regarding this issue?

hello @AryanSingh
Check the column name in ReportDT Datatable. its contain Account Name column name.
maybe column name is misspelled


i deselected the add headers option from the read range!
is it because of that?


And when i select “Add headers” option then this error is shown.



Below is the excel file and xaml file.
Excel file:
Consolidated_Finance_Report_Example.xlsx (78.8 KB)

xaml. File: (12.6 KB)

@sandeep13 Please check.

yes …because of deselected add header option…this error occur

if possible show me the datatable structure


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already sent u the xaml and excel file. Please check.


Hi @AryanSingh ,

I am not facing that error when running your code. can you check the property of Add Coulmn Activity.

Facing error at If Condition (row(“Invoice Excl Vat Amt”).ToString.Contains(“-”)) because this column name (Invoice Excl Vat Amt) belongs to FilteredDTDataTable not belongs to AccNameDT

I hope this help you

Please check the properties of the Add Column Activity.

Ok.Will correct the name.

Thank You

Hi @AryanSingh

Please change the Type argument as INT32 for Add Column Activity and check it.

already tried it…but as u said…i am facing that issue in the starting…not able to reach this activity in the process.

if I deselect “Add headers” then i am facing the error mentioned on the topic i.e. “Column ‘Account Name’ does not belong to underlying table”. " and if i select the Add headers option then " A column named ‘0’ already belonged to this DataTable"


i mean that same process i am running in my laptop… and getting this error but u are not getting the error.


I am not getting these error. I am getting error at IF condition because you need to change the logic (93.7 KB)

first in read range and then second one in assign.

  1. Select header property in Read Range.
  2. Check the below assign value
    AccNameDT=ReportDT.DefaultView.ToTable(true,“Account Name”) (93.7 KB)

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