Error codes BC36532 and BC31424 with new updates. All processes broken

I believe an update came out this weekend, where something broke. On Friday I was able to run all my automations, but when I came back to work today, I started getting hundreds of validation errors when trying to test things:

I tried manually installing System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter or System.Data.Common as the error talked about that, but got Package Install Failure with all versions. I need urgent help with this because I can’t develop, test or run previously working processes.

Please try to do a Project Validation as we have a mechanism to fix such issues.

If this is not working, please share a copy of your broken project (the whole folder).

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I tried the Project Validation, and after some dependency fixes removed some issues, but others still appeared. Could you share an email so I can send the folder via Drive?

Sure, will DM you

Running the cleanup a couple of times (closing and reopening after each cleanup) fixed the issue. Thanks @alexandru !


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