Error Code 214 - Unable to access Orchestrator tenancy

An Orchestrator cloud instance was set up for my team. The admin made me an organization admin and sent me invite to the instance. All my access rights are the highest they can be. I followed the link from my email and logged into cloud, but when I click on the Orchestrator service, I get:

You don’t have permissions to access Orchestrator in this tenant. Contact your administrator to request access. (#214)”

For other uses that he has invited, he sees a log message indicating they’ve been provisioned in Orchestrator, but not with me.

Any idea how to fix this?

SOLVED: Apparently when inviting users (specifically Active Directory users in this case), Orchestrator is heavily case sensitive.

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Hi @John_Dunn,
I am not using AD, I invited my colleague using her email. After she accepted the invitation, I was unable to login into my Tenant. I got Error 214, while she was able to see all my processes. While Inviting, I gave her all the Rights(Administrators, Automation Users, Automation Developers, Everyone). Now when I publish any bot, I need to ask her to create a package from her account. I tried to change the Roles from Tenant but nothing worked. What exactly did you do to solve this issue?


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Hi :slight_smile:
I have the same issu with u Abhishek07

On the Orchestrator i gave the permition too.