Error Catalogue

Do we have UiPath Error Catalogue available?

It would be nice to have if Errors are given a tag / number (e.g. Like “Error 1102 : Blah Blah…”)

Example: Instead of having a message like… “Attach Browser ‘iexplore.exe ACME’ : Value does not fall within the expected range”, it would be great if some standard error number is also given along-with hint or link to KB for possible causes and primary resolution / focus area, wherever possible.


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I actually had this error and found it was the only one for ACME. Using the Edit Selector didn’t work. I replaced the attach browser by the same activities focused on the Dashboard and it now works.
*For those that are looking to solve this issue too.

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Thanks for the tip ElectricBoogie

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Can you please mark it as solved. Thanks.

I was having the same problem … thank you!