Error Capture based on Color in SAP

Hi All,

I want to capture if there are any errors during the execution of MIGO transaction in SAP.
if there are any errors, it pops as red else it shows as green. I want to capture colors and then do the processing.
Please let me know how to capture these colors.

Chaitra M N

Hi @ChaitraMN

Check this

Ashwin S

You could use Find Image or any image based automation for this sake. @ChaitraMN

@ArunVelaayudhanG,From Find Image activity i am able to capture the image, but for my scenario i want to differentiate and capture the color like red from the image.
Can you please tell me how i can capture the color.

Chaitra M N

you shuold have sample images of both red and green color images.
use Find Image seperately for both. i.e, One Find Image Activity to identify Green and another Find Image to identify Red.