Error: Cannot create unknown type '{}OpenApplication'

I run my process OK on DEV enviroment. When I deploy it to PROD through orchestrator and run it it throws this new error that does not happen in DEV.

Do you have any idea how to fix it. I do not have Studio on PROD ENV.

================ Error =================
Raw message: Object
message: System error at initialization: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}OpenApplication’. at Source: Invoke LaunchSQLdeveloper workflow
level: Fatal
logType: User
timeStamp: 2019-10-21T12:48:12.7753277+03:00
fingerprint: 848aedee-8569-475e-90a8-3f33d9d208b8

windowsIdentity: STC\rpamn

machineName: SCPRWRPA05

processName: MNP_Performer_MNP_IT_Departement

processVersion: 1.0.7233.20601

jobId: 6b922815-f0fe-4a4b-8d86-747b9bfbc62c

robotName: Robot7

machineId: 1

fileName: Main

logF_BusinessProcessName: Framework

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Please make sure that all packages are available in your PROD machine with same version.

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How to do that?

Can you check under libraries if ‘Uipath.UiAutomation.Activities’ package is available?


Yes, I can see it is installed on orchesrator libraries.