Error bc30512 after update Windows legacy project to Windows

Hi everyone,
I’m having problems in my automation in the step “Write text file” after updating my windows legacy project to windows project and now my automation doesn’t working.
When I run my automation the log show the following 2 errors:
“AFP_Reader.lectura_pdf.xaml: Compiler errors encountered while processing expression ““C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\PDF PREVIRED\PDFDemo.txt””.(2): Error BC30512: Option Strict On does not allow conversions made from ‘String’ to ‘ILocalResource’.”
“AFP_Reader.lectura_pdf.xaml: The following overload groups have been configured: File, FileName. Only one group of overloads should have arguments set.”
I have all my packages updated.

And the step with the problem is in Write a text File:

And my uipath version is 22.10.3 comunnity

Can you help me please? regards!


First, if you use System.Activities package 22.4.4 or lower, please upgrade it to 22.4.5 or 22.10.3.

Then can you try to set empty at File property and your filepath at FileName property in Property panel?


Hi Yoichi!
Thanks for your support! After set empty activity properties, the log show me a error message “Empty file path”. And then, I created a variable with the path inside, because before i’m not using a variable to set the path, instead, I used only the path as file name in the activity.
So now its working for me! Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


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