Error at Update from 2018.2.4 To 2019.7.0

Dear All,

I encounter an issue when I developed a program at 2018.2.4, and I want to update to 2019.7.0, but when I use 2019.7.0 Studio open the source code, it shows a lot of error here, anyone knows how to resolve ? thanks.

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Go to Manage Packages and update the packages if it is asked to update it.

And also there may be chances the packages one you used in 2018.2.4 is deprecated. Please check once the packages used in older version are available in new community edition 2019.7.0

thanks, may I know where I need to click ? thanks.


Click on Project Dependencies on left hand side panel and there update required packages.

hi, there is no other items shows, as I think, it should be some activities e.g. credentials, etc. so it makes me confuse.


OK do one thing. Go to All Packages options and install all required packages the one you used in old version of studio.

For credentials, install below package.


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Yes, I already installed, one thing I need to mention, that is, when I use the new version, and delete some activities and drag a new one ,that is ok, but many activities need to do again and again, so I am thinking whether it has ‘one key upgrade’ function ?

Make sure that the whole project folder is shared like xaml file along with Project.Json file
—even after sharing that if we are not able see any activities make sure that the activity package files are there in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\Packages which we have in our older version

Hope this would help you
Cheers @seiya.z.shen

thanks, but my question is not about ‘Json file’, because the json file change the name is ok, my question is for the activities not available at the new version