Error: “Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” while running Client Security Hash main.xaml file

Hello, please help me with this error. I read a few posts and checked my var, arg, directions and values and still stuck. I appreciate any guidance/help. Thank you in advance!

object reference is null means you are passing a null value
and you are saying i check there is no null value some times we have to give object reference like new dictionary(of string string) like this or we can give for some invoke code so please check once

And what is that variable what you passing in that

Chethan P


According to me you have used .CopyToDatatable in that query. Since there is no value, CopyToDatatable throws error.
I would suggest you to use .ToArray instead of CopyToDatatable and check the count. If count is greater than 0 only then CopyToDatatable.

ok, how do i give object reference new dictionary? sorry, i am new and learning. please see my screenshot, hope it will make it clearer for you to guide me on what else i can check/change. pls let me know, thanks!

do you WIlIst as an array? pls see my var. and where do i check the count? sorry new here. thanks!

I think You send a null value please check the datatable print it before run
I hope when you will get to know
Check the argument its in or out and its scope also.

Chethan P

ok, i fixed that error and now can not pass this step - i processes first item and errors out, please help, thank you!

This is a selector problem please go through the type into and click edit selector then repair it or give the dynamic selector

I hope you get what am trying to say

Chethan P

how you fix what happen

ok, Chethan, I did try to repair first, then made it dynamic, but still same issue. Maybe I am not doing it right. Can you tell me how exactly it needs to be done please. thank you!

what is that type activity in web application u use or system application you use the type activity plese share the screenshot and breaf detail of it i will check

here is the screenshot, but what I see is that SHA1 is not open. it closes (I think) after it processes item #1. so when item 2 details are ready to be processed SHA1 website is not in the browser. it is almost like it needs to be reopened.
Screenshot (5)
is this what you need?

please provide the selector inside of the type into activity

or can take access of your system through any desk

Thanks Regards

Thanks, hear your variable is in red so its a wrong selector I think because you gave dynamic selector so could you please check the value of {{InOption}}

and you have to put more option using UI explorer use some static type of sector which is not change

ok, now there is something new, what does it mean? :frowning:

you resolve the selector issues ?

please send the the error you get in goo back

i hope selector issue is solved, but it only was processing the 1st item and i had selector issue after that. i have to pass this “go back” error now, the description in on the screenshot, on the right. did you need something else? just want to make sure i give you info you need.

you go through this topic u will get the solution