Error "API Not Found" While Trying To Access Insights Via Orchestrator

An error fix for "Api Not Found" thrown while trying to access Insights via Orchestrator .

Note: Applicable for Sisense-supported Insights versions, i.e. until v2021.4 .

Issue Description: The below popup maybe encountered while trying to access Insights via Orchestrator.


Root Cause: This usually occurs when one of the Sisense services is not running as expected.

Troubleshooting steps and Resolution:

  1. If Orchestrator Install for Insights has been recently modified, make sure to have followed the steps illustrated in the Insights installation - Modifying an Orchestrator Install For Insights .

  1. Next navigate as below and check if all required services are up and running,
  • "services.msc" within the Insights server--> If any of the "Sisense" services are stopped, start them manually.
  • "https://{InsightsURL}/app/test" --> If any of the services are stopped (in RED), go to "http://localhost:3030" on the Insights server and click on "Restart Services". Check if all services are running (in GREEN) now by going to /app/test again
  1. If the issue still persists, restart the Insights server and verify
  2. The above steps usually help to resolve the aforementioned issue. However, if they do not, collect the following details and and send them over to UiPath Support for further analysis,
  • The Application Event Logs from the Orchestrator server after reproducing the error
  • If this is a fresh install or if any changes were made to an existing installation.