Error al intentar abrir proyecto

Buenos días estimados, al intentar abrir un proyecto en la versión 20.10.3 o 20.10.2 de la versión comunity me está generando un error que no me permite desplegar el panel de actividades relacionadas con el mismo. Me indica esto:

Hi @Nestor_Escobar_SIS

Could you try to change the language of your Studio to English for a moment, then restart and see if this fixed the issue?

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Muchas gracias, esto solucionó el problema.

Hi @Nestor_Escobar_SIS, if you are running Windows in an OS other than English (from what we can tell, it’s Spanish(Mexico), right?), please make sure to install the corresponding language pack for the .NET Framework version you are using. We have this note in the documentation here: Software Requirements

Please let us know if this helped and you manage to open the project in Spanish Studio, as well.
Thank you! :slight_smile:


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