Error after Package update: Value for a required activity argument "Values" was not supplied

Hi guys,

Please help me with an error through after an package update (UIAutomation.activities).

The error is in a for each data row activity: Value for a required activity argument “Values” was not supplied. Anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello @paul.baltag

Can you please expand the inner activities and see whether the error is happening from some specific activity?

Expand both the sequence and check.


This post will help you


Hello @paul.baltag Try the below steps

  • Go to the variables panel
  • Search for the data table variable that you have passed in the For Each Row activity
  • Provide the default value as New System.Data.DataTable

Non off the inner activities has error. Seems that the problem is from the each row activity or the variable type.

Any idea?

Thanks for the option. The error doesn’t disappear :(.

The same problem was encountered with me also. Is there any solution for this?

I am unable to help with a solution,but i have the same issue.Just rollback to 22.4.1

Can you please look into this issue? Getting requests from multiple users.

Hey all,

The issue is known to our team and the current workaround is to downgrade the System activity package to the previous version.

It will be fixed for sure with the next release of the System activity package.


How can I make rollback?

Just rollbacked to 22.4.1 and it’s working. Thanks.

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Version 22.4.1 is not available in my UiPath and after rolling back to its lowest version some of the activities were missing. Pls, anyone provide me with the solution.

Hi @Amit_Kumar_Charde

Could you please show us a screenshot of your package manager:

  • the versions of the System package that you have available
  • the package feeds that are available to you

Yes Sure

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Please try any of the 22.4 packages, such as the latest one 22.4.6. The issue should be exclusive to the latest preview package 22.7.

Still not working. Some activities are missing while updating to version 22.4.6

Could you please share which activities are missing for you? Also, could you clarify whether they are missing from the Activities panel, or are showing as unresolved in your workflow after the downgrade?

The missing activity name is “Get Attribute” but it is available in activities panel.

Screenshot 2022-07-20 174553

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