Error adding Use Application/Browser Activity

Please be patient - I am BRAND NEW and just taking a training course. My course is telling me to add 2 resources, ‘Use Application/Browser’ and ‘Use Excel File’. Excel file works fine so I know I am doing it correctly, however I am unable to add ‘Use Application/Browser’, It will not drag over. Any simple non-code language help?

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Can i know what do you mean with “it will not drag over”?
are you getting any error?


Dear @Jessica_E_Smith ,

The same way you are dragging and dropping the Use Excel File activity, the same way you have to do with the Use Application/Browser Activity.


Yes, but unfortunately it does not drag. All of the other resources do, just not this one.

Any specific error you are getting?

On the left I click on the resource, and drag it to Studio X center where it says “Drop Activity Here”, but it does not drop. It is as if I never dragged the resource over.

No error, just nothing happening.

Have a look at this attached process.
UiBank (61.2 KB)

For now, can you try to click in the plus symbol within the studio and search for the use application browser activity


Thank you, tried that as well. I can see it but when I click on it the screen just clears out. I even added it to my favorites then tried to drag it from favorites. Something is just wrong with this resource on my end. Thanks for trying. I will have to reach out to my company IT folks for this.

Thank you for trying to help Sanjit, I am unable to open the doc on my company laptop. Security rules and all. But appreciate the effort.

did you try creating a new project to check if the issue persists? thats a little bit weird

I figured it out. When downloading Studio X it added two extensions - 1 for Chrome and 1 for Microsoft Edge. I already had Edge browser open in background, but not Chrome. Once I launched Chrome it prompted for extension message. I closed out StudioX and re-launched. Now I was able to drag it.

Thank you everyone.

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