Error 40 , database connection not working

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I am getting below error while trying to connect to the application database. Need suggestions




May I know from where you are trying to connect, and also check the below steps.

Step 1) Make sure SQL SERVER is up and the instance you try to connect is running.
Step 2) Your system Firewall should not block SQL Server port.
Step 3) Go to Computer Management >> Service and Application >> SQL Server 2005 Configuration >> Network Configuration
Enable TCP/IP protocol. Make sure that SQL SERVER port is by Default 1433.

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Hi ,try use 32 bit oracle client to connect to DB

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I have checked the connection in Sql developer and it’s working. I don’t have sql server 2005 available in the mentioned path, is it something I need to install ?

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Can you please provide details of how can I do this ?

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you must setting ODBC , - YouTube
maybe see some URL
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