Error #4: installation failed

Hi guys,
I am facing issue while installing uipath extension.
Our enterprise uses k7 security/antivirus ,The error we are getting is due to the antivirus.
when we uninstall the antivirus ,Extension gets installed successfully. When we reinstall it- extension stops working.

Our IT team isn’t getting how to tackle this issue, they have tried some setting inside antivirus but it didnt work.
If any one knows how to solve this issue, Please Help.


Check below post for your reference

In the above post check the Antivirus Exclusions

Hope this helps you


Thanks for the solution , I have provided the information to our IT Team , Hope it works



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Hi sir, thank you for letting us know about k7 total security. I just uninstalled that using tool from k7 total security buy running it as the administrator and my extensions are installed.