Error #100 orchestator

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Acudo a ustedes solicitando ayuda con lo siguiente:

estoy tratando de subir un nuevo proyecto al archestator por la siguiente ruta:
Orchestator/Mis paquetes/cargar/nombre del paquete; y cuando está terminando la carga arroja error #100. Podrían orientarme sobre como solucionar el inconveniente.


Hi @camilo_gonzalez

  1. Check File Size:
  • Verify that the package file size is within the allowed limits in Orchestrator. Large package files may encounter issues during the upload process.
  1. Verify Network Connectivity:
  • Ensure that the machine where you are uploading the package has stable internet connectivity and can reach the Orchestrator server.
  1. Check Firewall and Proxy Settings:
  • If your organization uses firewalls or proxies, make sure that they allow traffic to and from Orchestrator.
  1. Clear Browser Cache:
  • Sometimes, cached data in the browser can cause issues. Clear your browser’s cache and try the upload again.
  1. Try a Different Browser:
  • If you are experiencing issues with one browser, try using a different one to upload the package.

Hope it helps!!

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Muchísimas gracias funcionó

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Thank you @camilo_gonzalez

Happy Automation!!

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