Error 1 item(s) have not been updated (#156)

Hi All,

After publish of the bot to Orchestrator, I’m trying to update it under Processes and Orchestrator is throwing the below error. Could any one help on to solve this
Our Orchestrator version is 20.4.1. Please see the screens shots for the error messages.
We have already shrunk the logs in the Database, that did not solve these exceptions.

Thank you very Much in advance

Kindly note that the Orchestrator version you are using is deprecated and out of support. So I would like to request you to upgrade the Orchestrator to the latest version to get support.

Please go through the below documents for Orchestrator upgrade:

We got couple of replies from UiPath, there was couple of issues from DB end which was in recovery pending state, I don’t know why it went to that state, we never use the DB, may be it is configured in IIS and a Test automation was installed.

As advised we freed space in the root folder drive. but still did not worked out, later we checked event viewer, the log says Orchestrator is trying to connect to one of the Db which is not accessible, as mentioned above - recovery pending state of Db.

So When we rectified this the error issue got resolved.


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