Erro 429 Too Many Requests - Document Understanding - Enterprise Plan

I have the Enterprise Plan as you can see in the image below:
I also tried to include “/? Edition = enterprise” at the end of the argument, as shown in the image below:
Even so, it always gives the same error whenever I try to extract information from a PDF:
Data Extraction Scope: DocumentUnderstanding server returned 429 (TOO MANY REQUESTS). Additional details:

429 Too Many Requests

Too Many Requests

Community edition allows only 50 calls per 1h. Please try again in 3462 seconds.

Did I make a mistake in something I did previously or is it necessary to do something else?

I have the same problem and I have sent mail to Uipath support and they do not respond to me. You have made a configuration in the Orchestrator because I am only generating the API Key on the Uipath platform

I found out that it is necessary to buy a license that allows the reading of a larger number of pages. I don’t have the price list link, so you would have to contact support to get prices.