Erreur : Entries larger than 4GB are not supported in Update mode

Hi all,

I have created a library, to reuse in multiple processes.

I would like to publish a new version of this library package, i have the error :slight_smile:
"Entries larger than 4GB are not supported in Update mode. "

I use the community edition.

Can you help me ?

Thank you

Remove unnecessary parts of the library. It could be that you have Excel files or screenshots that are causing the project to be larger than necessary.


Thank you for your answer.

I’ve deleted the unused screenshot, i don’t have any excel files.

Still have the issue.

In this library i have 3 processes/activity.

Do you recommand to separate them in 3 library ?

Thank you

Analyze your project to see where most of the data is. It’s a good idea to remove any unused dependencies, or unexpected data in the folder. However, if the size is directly related to the number of activities, you may need to divide it into multiple activities. I only find it unlikely, since projects mostly consist of text/XAML files.


Thank you for all those informations.

I tried to delete all the screenshot. But It still doesn’t work, i have separated the library in 3 now everything works.

Thank you for your help

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