ERP workflow

Hey all! i am creating an automation to run within an oracle e-business ERP environment. right now if i run the sepcific set of activities outside the main process by themselves, it works fine; however, if i try to run it within the larger automation it doesnt interact properly. Does anybody have anyidea as to why this is happening?

How exactly is it failing inside the larger workflow?

I’d advise checking your arguments to make sure that the automation is receiving all of the information that it should from the larger workflow. Also, if you are using a clipping region inside the smaller workflow make sure that it is reset beforehand so that any values used by the overarching workflow are cleared.

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it is opening the wrong responsibilities to input data into.

This is the correct responsibility that should be open, and it is open when the steps are run in isolation; however,

this is the responsibility that is opened in the larger workflow

How is it being told which responsibility to open?

via click activity

see above ^^^

I’m not familiar with ERP but this kind of error means that something from the overall workflow must be affecting this specific piece. In addition to what I said above check things like variable scope, whether you’re nested inside an Attach Window activity that may be changing your selector, etc.

If nothing comes up try logging everything that the smaller workflow uses to see what the values are at runtime. My guess is that something is getting changed unexpectedly, causing the workflow to run differently.