ERP if-statement

Hello there–I am creating an automation to release orders from an ERP system, can a screen change (or lack thereof) be used as a boolean.

Right now my idea is to use keyboard f2 to navigate to another tab that will be accessible if the order number has not been released. Is there any way I could have the screen change be a boolean for an if statement.
Currently, to two paths for my statement are

if I can navigate to the other tab, to keep continuing the process
else, pass to the next order.

Let me know if you need clarification MWah!

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Hello @csewall3

Your scenario is doable. Just have one question. You said that the other tab is accessible only the order is not released. So how does this accessible thing work?

I mean, is that tab disabled when the order is released?
Or is that tab not visible at all when the order is released?

One more thing, do you have any message or something that shows in that tab when order is released or not released?

yes, the tab is disabled when the order has already been released; however, there is no error message


You can do some checks first. Use the UI Explorer to check selectors for the same tab when it is disabled and not disabled. So I believe a disabled tab have a different selector than an enabled tab. So get the selectors generated through UI Explorer for these two scenarios and see whether they are different.

If they are different you have a way to get your condition prepared.

You can have two element exists activities. Each looking for the two selectors. Enabled and disabled.

So if the tab is enabled, the element exists activity that look for the enabled tab will return true and the other will return false. If the tab is disabled, the result will be the opposite.

Then based on the two boolean variables, you can construct your IF condition :slight_smile:

the problem is that this is in oracle e-business suite and there are not interactable selectors on these tabs, so I cant really use the element exists activities i dont think

^^^^here is the reply

Have you tried this option

This activity can get the properties of an element. You can try to get the enabled disabled status using that.

If that is also not working,

I would suggest to try image automation. So I suppose a disabled tab has a grayed out appearance than an enabled one. So you can use find image activity to look for it.

I’d like to elaborate: the tab isn’t necessarily dsiabled, its just noninteractable. Is there any workaround for this?

here are the tabs

im trying to go from order to inventory

HI @csewall3

Sorry for the late reply. Was on my way home after work…

So… in your case, the only option which can use as a workaround for selectors would be to use Image activities. That will consider the appearance and other stuff of the UI element. So use of Image activities or Computer Vision activities would be your best option.

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