Erorr showing : Connected to Orchestrator. Unable to retrieve a license (please contact your IT department)


Check you have enough licenses available
better to share the license page as well


Please check that any proxy is given by the network team

Yes they are all availiable

no proxy is given, just that it is connected but cannot retrieve license
and when I try to sign in it shows

restart the system and try

didn’t work


You have over allocated the license?
because I see that 10 available for Robot Units and you have given as 11990
also Unattended license is only 1 available, but you allocated 4

check those and retry

Hope this may help you


They are the remaining ones which can be allocated, like a total of 120000 of the first one and 5 of the remainder. I’ve allocated less than that

Hi @Ojas_Tewari ,

If you found the solution, I would like to know how you are done because I’m facing to the same issue for a new customer.


I opened an incognito tab and copied the sign in link from the ui assistant. Then it automatically signed me in, hope that helps.

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