Environment type instruction

Hi all expert,

I have a question about environment type. As I read below instruction, I understand 3 type for environment, prod, test and dev however, i couldn’t found what is exactly different between those 3 environment type. So, does anybody have official instruction about those 3 type of it?

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Are you looking for this,

It says:

An environment is a grouping of Robots, that is used to deploy processes.

Multiple types of environments are available in UiPath. The types are used to help your automation team know how the Robot environments should be used, as follows:

Dev - for development purposes;
Test - for testing what the development team has created;
Prod - in production, after an automation project has passed all the necessary tests.

Basically its a way to group your robots into different environments as per the need. Its helps in identifying the need of the robots as per the development process with which its associated.

Rammohan B.

Hi Rammohan,

Thanks for your reply, then what is technical different between those 3 type of environment? For example, if it is production environment, I found I cannot use debugger in there, I feel that is reasonable, however, I don’t exactly know what I can do and cannot do for each environment.

Now I’m working on operational verification of orchestrator so it is very helpful if I can get such a document.