Environment folder not working properly

  1. What is environment variables ?
  2. What is Get Password?
  3. What is environment folder?
    I am using Environment folder to get the path of desktop and later merging it with “Downloads”. But in File Exists activity the result is coming as False.


Hi @Ritaman_Baral

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You are now looking for a file, you are looking for a folder, so instead file change to folder


Still facing the same issue!!

Is your downloads folder located in the desktop?

Thanks for pointing out the error. The issue has been fixed.


so now about your questions i guess your refer to the environment methods, this will allow us to retrieve things from our system, like files, system information, machine information, etc…

Get password is an activity that encrypt the password to use in any applications but as secureString type variable, it is in order to protect your passwords


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