'Enviroment' variable isn't reachable

Hey, I’m trying to complete the “Calculate Client Security Hash” activity from the UiPath School web. Currently trying to get the client information from the Acme webpage and getting the ID number to a String variable.

Running around the internet I found a tutorial video that helped me as I was stuck in this specific part, however when trying to use Enviroment.NewLine.ToCharArray an error pops up saying I’m unable to reach the Enviroment variable.

I have no idea how to fix it so I if you guys know the answer I appreciate any help I can get.

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Hello @Pablo_B ,

You have a mistake there.
It should be Environment.NewLine

You have a missing ‘n’


Oh my god!!! Sometimes we just don’t see it.

I feel so dumb now, thank you so much Vasile!

You should get in the habit of using the pulldown menu that appears when you start typing. This eliminates simple spelling mistakes.

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