Enumerate Objects

Please help me to fix this?
Type of “vObject” is not correct? What type is it use be?

Thank you in advance

Can you tell us what dependency this activity comes from?

@mhon Can you hover over the Files Output and Check what Data type is the Output ?


@mhon Can you follow these Steps and Check :

  1. Delete the vObject variable
  2. Click on the Output Box of Enumerate Objects, Press Ctrl + K to create a new Variable, say vObject
  3. Click Enter

Your Problem Should be Solved


In With FTP Session, I want to get file Name in the folder in ftp.
vPath = FTP folder path
After that I use Enumerate Objects , but I don’t know the error and how to fix it?
For example in other forum after use Enumerate Objects then I will use For Each to get the file Name.

Thank you. It already pass. =]

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Thank you very muchhhh :slight_smile:


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