Entry exist,how loop starts from new with the next row

Hi all,

How can I check that the checkbox has already been activated and the loop starts new with the next row. All the sequenz are ready but i dont know how I can tell UIPath that the Checkbox already activated. Its not possible with selector because the checkbox is not active oder clickable. There is no buttom or sourcecode to set the checkbox button

a other possibility is the right box “User identification for external system”, when checkbox is activated the field “user identification…:” appear.

Is it possible that UIPath recognize that the checkbox is activated or that “user identification…” is already filled out. The checkbox and the field are not clickable so i cant set a selector with the uipath launch explorer. When Uipath appear that the checkbox activated abort the loop and starts new with new excel row that i already set.

I hope my english is good enough and you anderstand it. Thank you very much

In your case, I think the Get Attribute activity is the answer.

There’s a similar topic to check if a button is enabled or not.