Entity Framework if no transaction data available then not comes under closeallapplication workflow

Hi I am new in entity frame work.I am confused if no data is available then why it not move to close all application it move to exception and kill workflow.as mention in attachment.

@Aditya10989 Can you explain more as to what you want the workflow to perform ? Or what do you think should happen but is it not happening? And also Are you processing a queue item ?

yes I have list of company shares which I am passing by queue.if list of company share complete then if I am again execute this.I am getting no data is available.After this it move to end state i.e fine.But this execute closeallapplication.xaml workflow.it comes under catch block and use killallapplication.xaml.So I am confuse why its not move to close all application xaml…?

@Aditya10989 If it has come to the catch block that would mean there is an Exception occurred when executing the Process in Try Block

but as mention above in screen shot 1st and 2nd.In 1st it comes close application then in 2nd screen shot I put break point it does not go to this break point direct move to catch.

@Aditya10989 What’s inside CloseAllApplications ? What is the argument that you are passing to it ?

Hi bro are you there…?

@Aditya10989 Sorry for the late reply, as I was busy with something else. What is the problem that you faced ?

its ok bro np. Actually I looking for new job.So I gave interview in one company.They gave me task.In folder there is 15 csv file.Name like VMA01_2019-08-27.csv,VMA11_2019-08-27,VMD01_2019-08-27 etc.there is one excel file in this file two column one and value
In name VMA01 value MAW1_ ,VMA11 value MAQ6_
Now I need to do according to csv file name check VMA01 what value exist with this name.Get that value and add in prefix.rename the file name
eg new file name is like MAW1_VMA01_2019-08-27.csv. How we can do this…?

@Aditya10989 The Primary thing would be to use Move File Activity, and the Replacing of the file name can be done using String Replace Methods. However you would have to Loop through each of 15 Files present in the Folder. Then maybe a Linq query to find the File Name Prefix if it’s existing in the Excel File, If it exists, we can use the value of it by replacing that part and Use Move File Activity.

I try this approach not 100% similar which you mention.I used if condition for match file then he told me if there 1000 number of file then you use 1000 if conditions…?

and more think I want to know I have done foundation training .we can consider this foundation certificate or not…?

@Aditya10989 We can take into considerations all the Certificates that you have got from Academy, But make sure you know what was it for :sweat_smile: .

Also Yes using if Condition is not a problem, but only when there is a match in the other Excel you will be Processing it, So maybe we can first do a Join or keep only the Files which are present in both the Folders and the rows in Excel which matches the file name and then loop through and change the filename those matching rows only.

I am sharing you certificate in skype. can please check and we can mention this in resume I have certification in foundation or we can’t mention in resume this because in this mention training…?