Enterprise user - change device ID, Robot and Orchestrator

Hi, I am a enterprise user. Would you please help to answer following questions?

1.I activated the license in PC1 three weeks ago, but now I need change my working machine to PC2.

I got the error message “Number of allowed activations exceeded” when tried to active the license in PC2.
Does it mean one license is only for one PC?

Please let me know how to replace the device ID from PC1 to PC2 for that license.

2.What does UiPath Robot look like? Can I only install Robot in customers’ PC without UiPath Studio? It seems to me that Studio is for design which will be executed by Robot in client.

3.Can I get the Orchestrator installation package for try?

Hi Sean,

  1. For license support please open a ticket here: Contact Licensing Queries & Activations
  2. The installer of UiPath Robot is the same as the one for UiPath Studio. In the current version(2016.2) you cannot install only the robot on a machine, you also need to install Studio even if you don’t use it. In the next version(2017.1) this option will be available…
  3. Mention this in the ticket you open on support and our team will provide it.
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Thanks a lot for you reply.

Any particular date for 2017.1 release? So that I can let customer know.
The ballpark number would be fine.


2 weeks - RC
4 weeks - official

Thanks, mate!