Enterprise Trial no longer available?

I want to try Communications Mining, but it only works on an Enterprise License WITH and with AI Units. The “Pro Trial” has AI Units, but does not allow Communications Mining.

I need to play with this product so I can demo it to clients, as well as for my AI certification.

What do I do? :woozy_face:


Hi @jjes,

Thanks for reaching out.
This feature is only available for the Enterprise version.
Even with the trial version having AI Units you cannot use.


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Are you serious? Is UiPath doing this on purpose? How are we supposed to try this out then?

Even I have tried at my end as well I am no longer to use it with Pro trial.

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Hmm… @loginerror or @loredana_ifrim - any thoughts on this? Not saying that there is not a good reason, but would like to have clarified. :slight_smile:


Hi @jjes

I checked with our CM team and this indeed seems to be the case.

As far as gaining access to this product:

  • if you are an MVP, the CM is available via our MVP tenant
  • if you are a customer interested in the product, you can contact us to enable the trial for you
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I am very interesrted in Communications Mining, could you grant me the access?

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