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A question. Where can i download the enterprise version of Studio. i Used to find it in the resource center on automation cloud, but it appears to not be there anymore.

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Hi @johnny123

If you have already used the Enterprise Version for the particular mail address. they will not provide the link

In the Below Link you need to fill the detail that required in the link. After that they will provide the Redirect link Via Mail or in the same page

Here is the Link : Enterprise RPA Platform Trial - Automation Software | UiPath


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Hi @johnny123 ,

By default, you can only download the Community Edition.

The Enterprise Download will only be available once you request for the Enterprise Trial which involves filling up a form with your job details(company name, title etc.):



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Ashwin A.K

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thank you all for the fast replies.

i also did some research it appears that if download the enterprise trial studio edition, it will be named : UiPathStudioOnPremTrial.msi will this also work on the non-trial on-premises versions as well?


I have yet to try that, but I prefer going for Cloud since we don’t have to install the Orchestrator or anything - just install the Studio, connect it to Orchestrator which is already hosted, and you are good to go.

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Hi @johnny123

I’m Not aware of it. But You can try after the studio is installed and connect it to orchestrator and Assistant as well as



open https://cloud.uipath.com and in that page once after logging click on help button which will be there in the left bottom of the screen

It will open the page where you can get all the trial products to download

But for enterprise studio and those platforms we need to fill this form

And second for this

Yeah it will work


  • For the Enterprise Edition, the installer is named as follows:
    • UiPathStudio.msi - Obtained after purchasing the on-premises UiPath Platform.
    • UiPathStudioCloud.msi - Obtained after purchasing UiPath Automation Cloud.
    • UiPathStudioOnPremTrial.msi - Obtained as part of a trial of the on-premises UiPath Platform.
    • UiPathStudioCloudTrial.msi - Obtained as part of a trial of UiPath Automation Cloud.

Where as

  • For the Community Edition, the installer is named UiPath.StudioCommunity.msi .

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @johnny123

thank you:)

this means that UiPathStudioOnPremTrial.msi will work for non trial version ?

Non trial means

Can you elaborate a bit more on that


i have a situation where i need to upgrade a uipath installation. i managed to download the orchestrator msi installer but still need the enterprise studio.

the installation is on an enterprise on premises paid subscription

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it appears that all installers should work. but the activation experience will differ as mentioned here from the documentation:

There is a single installer, but the file name differs depending on the type of deployment and license, with each file offering a different activation experience.

on the following link:


If it’s a paid then don’t merge with this trial one as it might lead to activation issues

I would suggest to check once with uipath team on renewal of the licenses
Check with this team once
You will get an option to handle this

Cheers @johnny123