Enterprise edition update question

I want to update the studio to the lastest enterprise edition. 2 question:
1,should I deactivate the license firstly?
2,l read the doc, but I use the licensetool command, it post an error, and I found there is no uipath.licensetool.exe exist.

Which studio version are you currently running?

My Experience:
Because you have an enterprise license:.
Send a ticket to UiPath Support and ask them to release the license of your current studio installation (send the Activation ID of your studio).
As soon as they have released the license you can update or reinstall your studio installation and activate it again.

The moment you start with deactivation yourself it can occur that it doesn’t work. At that point your UiPath studio can become useless.

check this one out for activation and deactivation: https://activate.uipath.com/

if you have already tried from commandline the deactivation on the site probably won’t work anymore

Maybe this also apply to you?

The Windows 10 16.07 Anniversary Update changes the device ID of the machine it is installed on. This leads to Studio and Robot licenses becoming corrupted. Similarly, other buggy major future updates or refreshing your Windows installation might cause the same issue. To fix this, your license needs to be reactivated. For more info, feel free to contact us

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