Enterprise edition running slowly

Hi All,

I have developed code in Community edition its taking overall one hour to complete.
same code I integrated into enterprise edition its taking 3 hours?

activites involved:

can some1 tell me how to reduce execution speed in the enterprise edition.

It depends on the configuration and other system settings to process the same process.
As per your question, I can understand you are running the community edition on one system and enterprise on another system.

It depends on system RAM, memory allocation and other settings do.

Karthik Byggari

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What are the version of the enterprise you are using? is the project really the same?

yes diffrent systems


ok, if the system is ok on resources, then you should take a look at the activities if they are the same and the packages version, maybe they got optimized… but every project has space for improvements in speed, that we cant help unless we can see what you have in there…

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