Enterprise Edition - licensing

I would like to start installing the Enterprise version of the platform but am waiting on a license key. Can I still install and run things ahead of obtaining a license? Is it as easy as downloading the software from the uipath site?

This is probably a bit late, but yes. You can install and configure pretty much everything as you only need to register the license keys at the following points in time:

  • Orchestrator: when the web application is up and running, but you will have to wait for the default admin password that should come with the license to be able to log in;
  • Studio: whenever, you can still operate a trial license if you have it;
  • Robots have no license of their own, the Orchestrator license encodes the number of each type you may provision, including (I believe) a NonProduction robot for each Studio license.


How much is the Enterprise Edition license? I wanted to start a small business creating robots for start-up businesses , however, according to Uipath, it is recommended that only big organisations with an annual revenue of $1 Million+ should be the ones getting the Enterprise version.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.