Entering the Value in web browser

I have a scenario where i will be getting Some different code for example(M25.562, M17.12, Z47.89, Z96.652)


I need to Select “Z” code as a primary code… Bot has to enter This primary code first in the above fields and next to that. it has to enter remaining fields… but in some cases iam getting two “Z” codes

Please give me some approach to deal this scenario


If these code are stored in list, the following expression sort the codes starting with “Z” so that the code is first. Then input them in order.

listItem = New List(Of String)From{"M25.562", "M17.12", "Z47.89", "Z96.652"}


lisItem= listItem.OrderByDescending(Function(s) s.StartsWith("Z")).ToList()


You don’t need to create the listItem variable and use it in the For Each. Extra unnecessary work. You can just put

{“M25.562”, “M17.12”, “Z47.89”, “Z96.652”}.OrderByDescending(Function(s) s.StartsWith(“Z”)).ToList()

directly into the “In” of the For Each